Dexoris is an indepedent game studio based in Reykjavík, Iceland driven by a passion for crafting engaging and innovative music related experiences. The company was officially founded in June 2009 by four entrepreneurs that learned the ropes of game development by designing small but polished games for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Peter und Vlad - iPhone Game

Peter und Vlad is an adventure game for iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to decide the fate of the brothers Peter and Vlad in their battle with an out-of-control weather machine. The game is a family-friendly line-drawing game in which the players help Peter by herding sheep into safety.

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Audio Puzzle - iPhone Game

Audio Puzzle is an innovative musical puzzle game that presents a new dimension to your music by turning every song in your iPod library into material for a unique jigsaw puzzle. The game reinvents the classic jigsaw puzzle by removing any visual cues and instead encouraging the use of your lisetening skills. This allows you to casually train your ears while you listen to your favorite songs.

Second best music game of 2009 in the Best App Ever competition by

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